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Introducing the Westtune Mini Purification Water Filter, a compact and powerful solution to ensure clean and drinkable water wherever your adventures take you. This mini water filter boasts an array of features designed to provide you with a reliable and efficient source of purified water.

Key Features:

  1. Filter More: This innovative water filter can purify up to 4000 liters of natural fresh water without the use of any chemicals. Carry 4000L of clean and drinkable water in your backpack for on-the-go hydration.
  2. Versatile Design: The Westtune Mini Purification Water Filter offers a versatile design, allowing you to set up a DIY filtration system using common items like soda bottles, plastic bags, collapsible bottles, or buckets. Alternatively, you can drink directly from a water source using it as a straw.
  3. Backflushing with Ease: Featuring threads on both sides, this water filter enables easy backwashing. A handy 28mm threads bottle can be screwed onto the water filter outlet for convenient backflushing.
  4. Reliable Filtering Result: The 0.1-micron membrane ensures an impressive 99.999999% removal rate of bacteria, providing you with reliable and safe drinking water. TUV and SGS testing reports attest to the filter’s effectiveness.
  5. Superior Material: FDA approved and constructed for impact resistance, the ultra-light L630 filter fits in the palm of your hand. The lifespan of the filter can be extended through regular backwashing.

Universal Thread Design: Connect the filter directly to your bottle using the universal thread design, making it compatible with various containers.

Prefiltration System: Remove algae sediment from the water for a cleaner and clearer drinking experience.

Highly Iodized Germicidal Resin: The MIR resin kills most bacteria, ensuring an added layer of protection against harmful microorganisms.

Granular Coconut Shell Filtration: Eliminate odors and germs from your water source with the granular coconut shell filtration system.

Activated Carbon Filter: This component effectively removes organic chemicals from the water, contributing to a cleaner and better-tasting hydration experience.

Hydrophilic Ultra Filtration Film: With a 0.01-micron filter, this component achieves a 99.9% high sterilizing rate, ensuring that you have access to purified water.

With the Westtune Mini Purification Water Filter, you can confidently explore the outdoors knowing that you have a reliable and efficient water purification solution at your fingertips. This filter, capable of purifying 8000 bottles, is the perfect companion for your outdoor adventures







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Weight 0.162 kg
Dimensions 20 × 15 × 6 cm

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